Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How long will it take until I receive the EPIN?

A1) We processes orders as quickly as possible.  Each order must go through an authorization and verification process followed by a transfer of EPINs.  This process can take as long as 24 hours; however, the average time is less that 1 hour.

Q2) Where do I find the EPIN once it has been transferred to me?

A2) The EPIN will be available in your YOcoin back office under the menu EPIN > Show E PIN.  Also, the video below, “How to Activate YOcoin EPIN Coupons” for detailed instructions for activating your EPIN.

Q3) When will I receive my bonus training?

A3) At the same time you receive the EPIN(s) you will receive an email from with instructions for accessing the bonus training.

Q4) If I purchase more than one (1) $50 EPIN, will I receive more than one (1) Copper YOcoin?

A4) Yes, you will receive one (1) Copper YOcoin for each $50 EPIN purchase (while supplies last)

Q5) Do I receive five (5) Copper YOcoins and one (1) Silver YOcoin if I purchase a $500 EPIN package?

A5) With each $500 EPIN package, you will receive one (1) Copper YOcoin and one (1) Silver YOcoin.

Q6) I purchased a $500 EPIN to qualify for the Silver YOcoin but I received ten (10) $50 EPINs in my account.  Will I still receive the Silver YOcoin?

A6) We have started only issuing $50 EPINs; therefore, $50 EPINs will be issued in quantities totalling the value of the package purchased; i.e., someone purchasing a $500 EPIN package will receive ten (10) $50 EPINs.  This does not affect someone’s qualification for the Silver YOcoin.  As long as the purchase was one of the first 1,000 $500 purchases, the purchase still qualifies for a Silver YOcoin.

Q7) How do I receive the physical YOcoin?

A7) Once the physical YOcoins finish production, they will be shipped to the shipping address provided with each purchase.  This is expected to happen near the end of October, 2016.  More information and news related to the physical YOcoins will be announced as we get closer to that time.

Q8) Can I use eCheck to purchase?

A8) Due to problems with on several EPIN packages purchased with eCheck in which we never received payment, we have disabled this ability on the main cart.  If wish to purchase with eCheck, please contact us through our contact form and we’ll work with you on your purchase.



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