What is Block Chain?

article Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies.

It’s also a way to share information online and securely store digital information.

Blockchain is the name of a series of software programs developed by a group of developers who developed it in the 1990s.

Its developers describe it as a decentralized ledger for transactions that makes it possible to keep track of information in the world and make it easy to verify the information.

A recent study by the University of Toronto found that blockchain transactions are about twice as expensive as those done in a conventional bank account.

This is because the data in blockchain is not easily stored and can be copied and re-used.

Blockchains are an innovative way of storing information, as they are a digital record that cannot be tampered with or altered, and can’t be changed.

However, they’re also a security risk.

According to the University’s research, a cyberattack on the blockchain could cost as much as $10 billion.