‘We’re not going to allow this’: How Donald Trump is making it all too easy for the Chinese to get his way

FOX News is warning Americans that President-elect Donald Trump will not be a friend to China, and will be the country’s first president who will not sign a free trade deal with it.

China has already threatened to sue the United States over a $600 billion trade deal and threatened to retaliate with military action if Washington does not get it.

The new president is expected to sign a sweeping trade deal on Thursday that would give the United Nations the power to approve or veto U.S. trade deals.

“China will continue to act in a very dangerous manner and will continue its aggressive moves to undermine our democratic values and our democratic institutions,” Fox News host Bret Baier said.

“That’s what the president-elect has been saying for years.

We are going to stop China from doing that.

That’s not going be the only thing that the president is going to do.”

Read moreAt a rally in Virginia, Trump said he will try to convince Chinese President Xi Jinping to be more open with the United Kingdom and Europe, which are key allies in the trade war with China.

“I will tell you one thing, if I am elected president of the United.

States of America, we will be very good friends to China,” Trump said.

Trump has threatened to withdraw U.N. recognition of Taiwan, an island chain China controls, if the Chinese government does not make concessions to him.