New Jersey lawmaker wins bid to ban electric chain lifters

A New Jersey state lawmaker won the right to introduce legislation to ban the electric chain lift, the state’s largest industry.

State Sen. Kevin Meehan, a Democrat from New Jersey, said he introduced the bill Thursday after a state auditor’s report showed more than $200 million in profits went to companies that have no training or experience in safety and maintenance of the equipment.

Meehan said his legislation would ban chain lifter equipment and its use on New Jersey roads, bridges and airports.

He said the industry has “failed to live up to their promise” to reduce injuries and deaths.

A report from the State Auditor’s Office found that the industry was providing equipment that is unsafe and causing harm.

The report also said the equipment poses an unacceptable risk to the public.

Meyhan, whose district includes Newark, has called for an investigation into the safety of the chainsaw, a machine used to remove tree limbs from the ground.

He said his bill would allow a business owner to request a permit to use the machine on their property.

“If they’re going to come and rip a limb off, they should be able to do it in a safe manner,” he said.MEEHAN’S LEGISLATIVE BILL IS ANTI-BAN FOR THE CHAIN LIFTSLEEPER.

He’s also proposing an audit of the company that manufactures the chainsaws and a ban on the use of the machines on private property.

The bill also prohibits companies from operating the chainsawed machines in New Jersey without a license.

Moehans legislation comes as electric chain lifts are on the verge of being banned in the United States.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign legislation banning the equipment at his state’s airports.

Mebi said the chainsweepers are the safest way to remove limbs from trees.

The machines can be set on fire when they’re not being used safely, he said, and it can take up to 24 hours for the chains to completely burn out.

“You have to have the fire department there,” Mebi told NJ Advance Media.

“They are the ones that should be inspecting the chains.

You can’t have people who are not trained on how to use this.”

Mebihans bill would require businesses to post signs saying the machines are not allowed on their premises, and he said businesses could face a $100 fine if they fail to remove the chains from their premises.MEMBERS OF THE LIFTING COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY, which manufactures the machines, did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment on the bill.

The bill has not yet been passed by the state Senate, but it could be considered next week.

A spokeswoman for Meehans office did not return calls seeking comment.


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