How to get Aldi chain to work again

Aldi’s chain was one of the first chain solutions that Apple adopted to replace the legacy Apple App Store.

But when the company tried to use Apple’s new platform to run its own apps, it was met with a frustrating lack of apps.

When it eventually did, it could not even connect to an Apple service like iCloud.

Apple ultimately removed Aldi from the App Store, and instead made the chain work with third-party apps.

The company has since moved away from its previous solution, and the chain has largely fallen by the wayside.

It’s unclear what will happen to the chain once Apple moves forward with a new platform, but the company has been working with third parties on a new version.

Now, a new update to the Aldi app, which was recently made available to the public, makes it possible for the chain to run in the new platform.

The chain can now be accessed by any app, and it can also be used to access other services.

It can even be used in the background to check out restaurants.

The update comes alongside a handful of other features, including a redesigned app icon, the addition of more than 100 new recipes, and support for iOS 9.0 and 10.1.