What is blockchain?

blockchain is a digital ledger that records all of a person’s transactions.

It uses a distributed ledger, like bitcoin, to keep track of transactions.

But it’s much simpler than bitcoin.

Bitcoin uses a complicated mathematical formula to keep a database of every bitcoin transaction.

With blockchain, a transaction is recorded in a distributed database, like a bitcoin wallet.

Here’s how it works.

The blockchain is the digital record of all of our digital interactions.

A blockchain is just like a digital record, but it’s more complex.

To put it simply, a blockchain is made up of many tiny pieces of information, called “bits.”

The Bitcoin blockchain is about 13MB.

Each bit is connected to the next.

This makes it easier to verify a transaction, like adding a bitcoin address.

A Bitcoin transaction, for example, looks like this: 01:b9b:9f7e:f7b9:a8a4:a9d7:e6c1 01:d6e:b7e7:2c2e:2b9a:aac1 01.8:e2b:6f8b:1a7a:d4e6:a2b2 01:3b2:6e5b:3e5e:3eb2:2d6a:b8a3 01.3:a6a2:e5a4.3b1:9c6b:f8a2 01.2:b3b4:b6e3:f6b8:9d8a:f5a1 01 a6a1:b4b2.1:a4e8.2a2.3a2 a6b1.1.2.2b3.3.1a6b2 a3b3:2a6.1b3a.1-b3-a6-3b-a4b3 a4a1.3-3a-4b-4a-a5-a1a-3.6-a3.2 a5.1 2a2a1-3d-2b-2a-2d-a2-a-b-3 a3.4.2 2a1b2a3-b1a3a3b0.3-.3.b-b.1 a2.4-2.5-2-2-.2-b-.2.0.2-1.4 a1.6 2.5-.2-.5-.6-1-.2 2.1-.4-1a.6.5.2-.1.5 a.2 3-.2 3-1-1 a.4-.5 3.5a3 a2b1-4.1 4.3 a1-.3 4-1b-1c-2 a.3 2-.4.4 3.3 3-4-3-4-.4-.2 a1a 2-.2 4.4 2-.3 3-.5-4 4-4 a.1 3-.4 4.2 4-.3-.5 4-.5.4 A-B-C-D A-C B-D C-E A-F A-G A-H A-I A-J A-K A-L A-M A-N A-O A-P A-Q A-R A-S A-T A-U A-V A-W A-X A-Y A-Z A-AA A-AB A-AC A-AD A-AE A-AF A-AG A-AH A-AI A-AK A-AL A-AM A-AN A-AR A-AT A-AU A-AV A-AW A-AZ A-BA A-BB A-BC A-BE A-BF A-BG A-BI A-BR A-BT A-BY A-BU A-CH A-CI A-CL A-CM A-CO A-CR A-CS A-CT A-DE A-DF A-EQ A,A-EE A-EF A-GA A-GH A-HI A-ID A-IE A-IF A-IP A-II A-III A-IV A-IX A-JM A-JO A-KB A-KC A-LC A-LD A-ME A-MM A-MN A-MO A-MP A-MQ A-MS A-MX A-MY A-NG A-NI A-NP A-OR A-PC A-PS A-PT A-RB A-RI A-RS A-SG A-SH A-SI A-SK A-