How Bitpay was hacked by Chinese thieves

As it turns out, the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange is the victim of a massive cyberattack.

A group of hackers broke into Bitpay’s network and stole all of its bitcoins, the company confirmed.

A security researcher at cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike told The Verge that he was contacted by a group of people claiming to be affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army.

That person, who identified himself as a member of the military, offered to pay the attackers $2 million for their work, the researcher said.

That offer has since been deleted.

The researchers said the group was behind the massive attack, which lasted several days.

The group also claimed responsibility for the massive theft of Bitcoinica, the largest bitcoin exchange in the world.

The hackers stole approximately 80,000 bitcoins worth $4.5 million, CrowdStrike said.

The attack happened after the company posted an update to its website saying it had been hacked and it was investigating.

Bitcoinica has since suspended operations.

The website was taken down on Monday morning.

Bitcoin exchanges in China are notoriously slow, and it’s unclear if the hack affected the company’s servers.

In a statement, Bitcoinica said that the hack “did not affect the trading volumes of any of our clients or customers.”

The company also said it is currently investigating the matter.

“We are in the process of determining the extent of the damage,” the statement said.


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