‘Black Lives Matter’ group boycotts Chipotle, Chipotle shuts down its restaurants

CHICAGO — Chipotle has announced that it will no longer sell food from a controversial chain of restaurants called Black Lives Matter and will stop selling its products from the company by April 3.

The company said it will sell its products at restaurants owned by Black Lives Matters groups, including one that has been the target of boycotts from the movement.

Black Lives Matters has called on Chipotle to stop selling products that are part of the group’s efforts to end police killings of black men, including those in Chicago, where it has a large presence.

In an online statement, Chipotles president Dave Lewis said the decision to stop Black Lives’ food sales will help to create more positive change.

“Chipotle, which has been an industry leader in food safety for over 40 years, is an excellent example of what a compassionate company is all about, Lewis said.

Chipotles decision comes just days after Chipotle announced it was closing two restaurants in Chicago.

Lewis said the company had to make a difficult decision because the company is already facing a significant amount of backlash for not doing more to address racial bias in the workplace and its food safety.

The company has been a leader in creating safe and delicious food, he said.