What’s next for the Apple TV?

Apple has been quietly working on a smart TV product, and the first glimpse at the product was seen during a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company has released a video that shows the smart TV connected to an Apple TV, which is controlled by a mobile app.

The device has a touchpad, two buttons on each side of the device, and it can access and record content.

The camera can also capture videos on the TV.

While the Apple video was not technically the product shown off at CES, the product is expected to come out in the next few weeks.

The video shows the Apple Watch, which was rumored to come with a smart remote.

Apple has said it will offer an accessory for the smart watch, and some analysts believe it could offer a wireless charging accessory.

Apple also showed off a video of a MacBook Air running on its own power, and a MacBook Pro running a system that runs the WatchKit code.

Apple Watch and Macbook Pro specsThe Apple Watch is a sleek, full-color device that looks like a big monitor.

It has a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The Watch also has a heart rate sensor, an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer.

It is powered by an 8-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, a camera, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Apple claims the Apple watch can be used to track your daily activities, or you can use it to track a fitness track on the side.

The watch also has Bluetooth for connecting to your iPhone.

The Apple Watch can be paired with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Apple said it plans to launch a smart home device, or smart home hub, in the coming months.

A smart home component is expected in future updates to the Watch.

Apple introduced the Apple Smart Lock feature on the Watch last year, allowing you to lock an Apple Watch with the click of a button.

Apple said it was working on adding more smart home features, including integration with Amazon Alexa.

Apple also introduced the first wearable with a microphone: the Apple EarPods.

Apple’s EarPigs are wired headphones that are built into the wrist, with a built-in microphone that can detect noise and make music playback.

Apple’s Apple Watch and Apple Watch ProsApple introduced a new smart home app for the iPhone.

It can be found on the iPhone and on the Apple App Store.

It will allow you to manage your home and home automation.

It also can remotely control various home devices.

Apple will also offer a set of apps for the Watch, including Siri and GarageBand, a music player and other apps.

Apple will continue to sell a smart thermostat that is designed to automatically turn off your home if it detects an unusually high temperature in your home.

The app will also let you set up alerts when you notice that your temperature has been rising.

Apple is also working on an Apple AirPods earbuds.

They are Bluetooth earbud speakers that can be worn as a standalone device, as well as plugged into an iPhone or iPad.

Apple unveiled a new line of Apple Watches last year.

The new models have a curved screen and a new design that includes a new case that is thinner and more comfortable than previous Apple Wathes.

Apple has also announced that the iPhone will be updated to iOS 11.

It features a new operating system called iOS 11 and a host of new features that Apple is calling “enhanced Apple Watch.”

Apple has been developing a new software platform called OS X El Capitan that it says will make it easier for users to manage and manage their Apple devices.

The OS X update is expected for the first quarter of next year.

Apple says that the new software update will also include support for iOS 11, allowing for faster apps downloads and new features.

It was not immediately clear if Apple was planning to add support for the OS X operating system.


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