What does it mean to ‘block chain’ ?

Chainalysis’s latest data analysis finds Apple’s iOS 9 has a block chain index that can be used to authenticate users who use the app on the iPhone or iPad.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature a block-chain app for the lock screen that allows users to lock their devices using a QR code.

Block chain apps can’t unlock the device but they can unlock the lock-screen and other apps, such as an alarm clock or the lockscreen, allowing for more secure login.

Apple introduced a new block-chains for the iPhone, iPhone 8, and 8S, but it only introduced the Apple Wallet service and the Apple Pay app, which is not currently supported by iOS 9.

Apple has said that it plans to release iOS 9 later this year, but the company hasn’t said what it will include in the software.

The iOS 9 block chain will allow users to unlock their devices without going through a login process.

When you lock your device, it unlocks its content, and the device then displays a QR-code that allows the user to log in to the app.

While Apple has yet to announce what the block-tracing tool will look like or what users will need to do to use it, the new software will let users verify their identity, which will be much easier to do with block-chaining than using passwords.

Apple said in a statement that its iOS 9 software will be available on the App Store “in the coming days.”


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