How to make your own motorized belt link car

By MARK THAYERThe next time you’re in a rush and forget to lock the doors, you can add a few extra gears to the gears you already have.

It might sound a little silly, but this simple addition can make the difference between a hassle-free trip and one that takes you out of your comfort zone.

The simple chain link car belt link allows you to attach a chain to a car seat or other heavy-duty gear, such as a truck wheel, and you can make it move with the force of a motorcycle’s chain.

The chain, which can be a few feet long, is made of metal, usually steel or aluminum, and has a small diameter of about a quarter inch, making it easy to attach and remove without damage.

You can use it for things like pulling up your pants, or lifting up the seat for a quick trip home.

“The chain will not work properly without the belt attached,” said Robert G. Lee, a senior vice president with the chain company Alta Bicycle Products in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Lee said a belt can also be used for a chain-and-socket assembly, or to attach an electric power cord to a bike seat.

You can also attach the chain to something that is not a chain link, such a chain that has a spring-loaded clip on one end and a chain or wire on the other end.

Gears can be made by attaching a belt or a small spring to the chain link to move it with the motor.

You can also add chain to your bike seat if you want to make it a more convenient and safe ride.

You will need:Chain Link or Chain-and socket (or both)The length of chain you need to attach:1.

5-inch (11.2 cm) chain length (you will need a few inches for most cases)2.

10-inch or longer chain length3.

10.5-inch chain length4.

10 or more chain length5.

Chain length of the chain you want (you can use 10.25 or more for most people)6.

10mm (0.75 in.) of thread (you might want to use the thread you cut from your chain, or thread from a belt that you bought from a store)You can attach it to your motorcycle with a wrench or by attaching it to a small extension cord and using a chain drive to pull it.

For more on making your own chain link auto belt link, check out our video.


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